Prestige Induction Cooker Service Manual


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Prestige Induction Cooker Service Manual

Prestige is perhaps best known for its pressure cookers, which work by building up steam on the inside of airtight pans or pots. This creates intense pressure that cooks.

Prestige pressure cooker instructions Step 1 Before using your pressure cooker for the first time, wash it in hot, soapy water. Rinse the cooker and let it dry completely before using it. Conduct a simple recipe to orient yourself with your pressure cooker, and to learn how to use it. Instruction manual for induction cooker Thank you for purchasing this ONIDA induction cooker. Please thoroughly read through this instruction manual before use and store it carefully for future use.

Error codes like E2, E0, E9, as we see in famous induction cookers like Pigeon, Prestige, Butterfly etc. Are annoying at times, when we are in a hurry to go to office.

Errors appear as numbers and finding it from the user manual will take days and leave us impatient. Here is a handy guide of induction cooker error codes usually seen in branded and un-branded induction cookers. You may save this page as pdf or as it is in your phone or PC for quick reference. Prestige, Pigeon, Butterfly, TCL, I-bell, Electrolux, Sunflame, Glen, Inalsa, Padmini, Softel, Singer, Usha, Khaitan, Wipro, Faber, Maharaja induction cooker error codes (Applicable for Chinese brands too) E0 –Cooking vessel is not placed correctly. Vessel is either removed or not made of a material usable with induction cooker E1 – Some issue with internal circuitry of cooker.

Try switching off the cooker and switch it On after some time. E2 – Temperature sensor error. Circuit is open or closed. Fanuc Cnc Router Manual on this page. It means the system cannot read correct temperature of working and results in switching OFF of the cooker. Replace the temperature sensor if the error persists. Costs about 150 Rs. E3 – Supply Voltage is high.

Reduce voltage if the cooker is connected to a stabiliser. Or switch the cooker off and then turn ON after some time. E4 – Supply voltage is low. Increase voltage from stabiliser if you are using one. Or else wait for a few minutes till the voltage increases. E5 – Surface temperature of cooker is too high. Don’t let hot water or vessels rest in cooker top after cooking. Linde H 18 Manual.

Remove any vessel and let the cooker cool down for a few minutes. E6 – Circuit temperature is high. Internal circuitry is too hot to work. Wait for a few minutes to let it cool down. It may also be a result of malfunctioning fan, which fails in cooling down the internal circuit and device.

Blocked air vent also causes this error. Remove any blockage and let the device cool for some time. If the problem persists, call for service. C2 / C3 – Over heat in device or the surface.

Wait a few minutes to let it cool down. If problem persists, you may have to consult repair for replacing temperature sensor. F0 – Some internal error is there. Wait for some time to see whether it is solved by itself. Or else, call customer care.

F2 – Too hot cooking area. Wait for some time after removing any vessels and try again. F4 – Place the vessel towards the centre of cooking plate and not near the control panel (switch board). F8 – Long time in cooking.

Your cooker needs some cooling and so, shut it down for a few minutes. Morphy Richards, Redfyre, Frigidaire, Spring USA Buffet and many other cooker shows similar error codes. For model specific error code meaning and explanation, please comment through comment column below. Hope this post was useful and informative.