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Replacement electronics for old mazaks can be very expensive. Mitsubishi Electric Automation, MEAU, repairs all electical parts on Mazaks back to the T1 control. Prices charged are comparable, and often even cheaper, than other compaines with industry-common controls: Fanuc, Yasnac, Okuma, etc.

MEAU pricing For example: Spindle drive rebuild: $2500 Servo drive rebuild: $1500 Avg. Cost to rebuild NC board: $1,000 Servo motor rebuild: $1500 And, don't forget, the vast supply of Mazak electrical parts available on Ebay. Mazak sold a lot of machines back in the 80's, so there is a lot of parts becoming available as companies surplus the older machines. MEAU pricing For example: Spindle drive rebuild: $2500 Servo drive rebuild: $1500 Avg. Cost to rebuild NC board: $1,000 Servo motor rebuild: $1500Those are the prices I remember from our repairs. Not bad if it's for a large machine that bills out at $120/hr.

But a rebuilt servo motor and drive cost more than this particular machine is probably worth. I just chucked a virtually unused HNC in the scrap because the cost of a retrofit was more than the value of the finished machine. I have a customer with 4 QT-8's a QT-10, a QT-30, a VQC 15/40 and a AJV all with T2 and M2 controls. These all run 2 to 3 shifts a day, 5 to 6 days a week with very few problems.

Mitsubishi will repair boards, servos, and spindle drives. They have third party authorized repair shops for motors.

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If you are running on a RPC, I would stay with AC Servos and spindle motors. The older DC units would regen back to the power line and have problems with the 'wild leg' phase. Yamaha Aerox 2007 Manual there.

The same holds true with the older Fanuc with DC drives. Whippin' boy's advice 'you have to watch out for those back room dust offs though they are fraught with control bugs that the entry level guy has trouble with.' Is to be taken seriously, there is a lot of cheap as well as overpriced 'junk' out there. I have spent a solid month on a used Kuraki that had a bunch of intermittants. I've been working on the electronics of an '85 QT10 for the past little while & I'll echo that they are well built.

If something goes wrong & if you can't fix or replace it there you're looking at a few Gs to have it set right. MEAU was helpful in chasing down a recent problem in the spindle drive even if they couldn't provide schematics.

I felt that a current sensor was faulty even though the field service fellow didn't. MEAU had the part and $60 later I proved I was right, and it's running again. The alternative was to pull the drive and send it off. This particular unit has a 30 HP AC spindle with a regenerative drive and it will dump energy back on the line when it decelerates. I wouldn't be surprised if it caused trouble to other equipment on the line or, at the very least, fault out if the converter couldn't handle the backflow. Like anything old and complex you have to be prepared for the odd problem that will require you to be resourceful. Someone familiar with electronics would be an asset.

NOTICE After April 6, 2018 Mazak will no longer be able to accept faxes. All inquiries and orders should be directed to our email. As always, we can be contacted at (888) 462-9251 with any questions or concerns. As production systems become more efficient, the impact of having a machine down is greatly magnified. Any interruption to work flowing through the shop can have a significant impact on operations. Mazak's substantial and continuous investment in spare parts fulfillment ensures the fastest possible reaction to the unexpected to keep your facility running smoothly. Mazak maintains $90 million in parts and unit inventory ($65 million in parts inventory, and $25 million in unit inventory (including ATC shifters, tables, and spindles) within our spare parts department.

This enormous investment includes over 60,000 unique parts encompassing every aspect of our machines. As a result, we achieve 97% same day shipping, as well as after hours shipping. Furthermore, we guarantee lifetime parts support on every Mazak CNC machine. This means that our quick response to parts requests not only applies to machines purchased over the past several years, but also to those that have been providing reliable performance for several decades.

• $90 million in parts and unit inventory ($65 million in parts inventory, and $25 million in unit inventory (including ATC shifters, tables, and spindles) • Over 60,000 unique part numbers in stock • 97% same day shipping, and after hours shipping • Factory-direct experienced part specialists • Lifetime CNC part support Maximum Ordering Convenience For maximum convenience to all manufacturers, Mazak accepts parts orders via phone, fax, email and the Web. Our extended-hour call center operates six days per week, making it extremely easy to reach an experienced parts specialist. PartsWeb is our online parts ordering system designed to offer an experience on par with top consumer e-tailers. Users can search for parts by number or description and easily access information on pricing, availability, order status and shipment tracking. All web-based transactions are simplified through the ability to pay via credit card.

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