Gilera Fx 125 Manual


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Gilera Fx 125 Manual

This Service Manual describes the technical features and servicing procedures for the Gilera Runner 125 - 200 by Manualles in Types >Instruction manuals >Automobiles, piaggio, and gilera.

Th e d es cr ip t io n s an d il lu st ra t io n s g iv en in t h is p u b li ca t io n ar e n ot b in d in g. Wh il e t he b as ic sp ec if ic at io n s as described and illust rat ed in th is manu al rem ain uncha nged, P IAG GI O- GI LE R A reserv es the righ t, at any time and without being required to update this publication beforehand, to make any changes to components, parts or accessories, which it considers necessary to improve the product or which are required for manufact uring or c onstruct ion reas ons. Not all versions/models shown in this publication are available in all countries. The availability of single versions should be checked at the official Piaggio sales network. '©Copyr ight 20 08 - P IA GG IO & C.

Gilera Runner FX125 1998 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Gilera Runner FX125 1998 Service And Repair Manual. The Gilera Runner is a scooter manufactured by Italian company Piaggio under the. The 125 cc (7.6 cu in) FX Runner was introduced which had the same styling as the. Gilera Fx 125 Manual 2017 scanning for Gilera Fx 125 Manual 2017 do you really need this pdf Gilera Fx 125 Manual 2017 it takes me 12 hours just to obtain the right download link, and another 7 hours to validate it. Internet could be cold blooded to.

P ont eder a. All righ ts reserv ed. R eprod uct ion of th is publicat ion in whole or in part is prohibited.' P IAGGI O & C. - Aft er -Sales V.le Rinaldo Piaggio, 23 - 56025 PONTEDERA (Pi). Th is s er v ic e st at io n m an u al h as b ee n d r aw n u p b y Piag g io & C.

Gilera Fx 125 Manual

Greenwood Service Manual. Spa t o b e u se d b y t h e w or k sh op s of Piaggio-Gilera dealers. It is assumed that the user of this manual for maintaining and repairing Piaggio vehicles has a basic knowledge of mechanical principles and vehicle repair technique procedures.

Any significant changes to vehicle characteristics or to specific repair operations will be communicated by updat es to this manu al. Nevertheless, no moun ting work can be s atisfactory if th e neces sary equipment and tools are unavailable. I t is therefore advisable to read th e sec tions of this manu al concerning s pecial tools, along with the special tool catalogue.

Gilera Fx 125 Manual

Contents • • • • Two stroke models [ ] The first incarnation of the Gilera Runner was a 50cc that was released in 1997 in Europe. The 50cc model went through a number of revisions; in 1998, a rear brake was added with the Gilera Runner 50DD (Double Disc). The colour scheme was also revised with the release of the Runner 50SP. The Runner Purejet 50 was released in 2003 with lower emissions. In 1998, the 125 cc (7.6 cu in) FX Runner was introduced which had the same styling as the 50cc.

In 1999, the SP model was released. The biggest difference between the FX (FXR) and the SP is the FX had a 9 l (2.0 imp gal; 2.4 US gal) petrol tank and battery stowed near the spark plug and a rear brake.

The SP has a 12 l (2.6 imp gal; 3.2 US gal) petrol tank, the battery is stowed under the seat and it has a rear disc brake. In 1999, the FXR 180 cc (11 cu in) was introduced and was by far the fastest of the Runners including the new generation 200 cc (12 cu in) four strokes.

[ ] It was noted for its high performance and great handling. Unfortunately it has a high fuel consumption. FX FXR Engine Engine Type 123.5 cc (7.54 cu in) single cylinder 175.8 cc (10.73 cu in) single cylinder Bore/Stroke 55.0 mm × 52.0 mm (2.17 in × 2.05 in) 65.6 mm × 52 mm (2.58 in × 2.05 in) Compression Ratio 9:8 9:9 Carburation PHVB 20,5mm Carburator Weber / VM 20mm Carburator Mikuni / Ignition Electronic CDI module with separate H.T. Coil Drivetrain Transmission Automatic speed variation system by means of variable diameter pulleys, vee belt, centrifugal clutch and gear final drive Front Suspension Up-side down forks with double acting hydraulic damper; 83 mm (3.3 in) travel Rear Suspension Hydraulic monoshock and coiler spring with four position rate adjustment.