2015 Yamaha Xjr1300 Manual


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2015 Yamaha Xjr1300 Manual2015 Yamaha Xjr1300 Manual2015 Yamaha Xjr1300 Manual Download

The Yamaha Corporation is a historically recognizable Japanese brand. The company was established in 1887 and currently distributes their products worldwide. Among the brand’s first motorcycles to be produced include the YA-1, which was released in 1955 and featured a two-stroke, 125 cc engine.

Yamaha has stuck with thee XHR1300’s grunt-packed original 1250cc air-cooled, inline-four-cylinder motor. It makes 97bhp and 80ftlb of torque and has a new-style black 4-2-1 exhaust.

It’s a peach of a thing and packed with so much grunt you can crawl through town in top gear without any dramas. The power delivery is smooth and seamless all the way from tickover to the 9500rpm red line and the fuel injection lets you accelerate from a closed throttle without any hiccups or snatches. Gears slice home with typical Yamaha precision, but like the FJR1300 sports tourer you’re always searching for the sixth gear it hasn’t got, so the XJR can feel a bit revvy in top.

Although ultra-refined and free from vibrations the Yamaha engine lacks character compared to a twin or triple. Docucentre Iv C5575 User Manual. Cat 303cr Operator Manual. There’s little airbox growl, or roar from the new 4-2-1 pipe at low revs, but it has a nice zing to it when you give it some at high revs. Build Quality & Reliability 5 out of 5.